12 Most Popular Pets in America in 2022 (and What You Should Know Before You Commit)

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Did you know that Zoom is currently one of the most popular pet names

Well, now you do. 

Other popular pet names in 2021 are Covid, Pfizer, Siri, Google, and Fauci, making the Covid 19 pandemic hard to forget. People love pets, but not everything is cats and dogs, here is our list of Most Popular Pets in America.

Covid 19 may have succeeded in keeping you away from friends and family, but your bond with your furry friend is still safe or better. The pandemic’s loneliness is probably why more Americans now embrace pet ownership taking the figure to an all-time high of 70%.

If you have been feeling stressed or lonely lately, getting a furry (or feathery or scaly) may be the only prescription you will need to feel better. Apart from being a loyal friend, pets will give you an excellent reason to stay on your feet and lead an active life. We all need that.

Once you decide to own a pet, which one do you choose and why? 

Before picking one pet over the other, take the time to understand the needs for each and how it will affect your lifestyle.

Different pets require different care, feeding, and housing recommendations. They also come with varying costs, behaviors, and demands. The better you understand that, the more you and your pet friend will benefit from the relationship.

Our list: Most Popular Pets in America

1. Dogs and puppies

You would think that dogs are the most popular pet animals in America. You are right.

More than 48 million families in America share their roofs with a pet dog or puppy.

Most people consider dogs as the perfect pet, and for good reasons:

  • You will not find anywhere a more loyal friend than a dog pet
  • Dogs are easy to train
  • A dog will offer more than its love; you and your family will get protection too

2. Cats and Kittens

Americans’ love for cats comes a close second after dogs. 

Choosing to keep a cat means your feline friend could be around for up to 15 years. Are you ready for this long-term relationship? If you are not, read on, and let’s find a better pet fit for you.

If a cat is a good fit for you, you will need to choose from the ten popular breeds, each with its characteristic temperament. 

Cats can generally be mischievous, but that’s just one more reason Americans love these adorable animals.

Their cuddly nature aside, cats will always be predators. They will help keep your house free from pests.

Most Popular Pets in America
Cats, not only as one of the Most Popular Pets in America, but the undisputed king of social media.

3. Fish

Americans are not only fond of furry friends, but scaly ones too, many are surprised to find them in our list of Most Popular Pets in America. The fish tops that list. You will find fish pets in about 12% of American households.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) classifies fish under exotic animals kept as pets in America.

Even though fish are less cuddly, Americans love them for their cosmetic purpose and their great value to home decor. Then again, unlike maintaining other pets, fish are considered low-maintenance animals.

But fish also come with their own set of demands, the most glaring one being water— saltwater or freshwater. Since freshwater fish are less costly to maintain, most Americans prefer them over saltwater fish. 

4. Birds

At number 4 is the feathered friend — the bird. Like fish, birds are classified as exotic animals. 6% of pet owners in America keep birds. These pets may not make for a soft cuddly friend, but they are fun to watch, and you will find yourself carrying on endless interesting conversations with yours.

If you have limited space in your house, a bird pet would be a perfect fit for you because it does not require much space. Another reason you may want to pick a bird pet over other animals is in cases where you or a family member is allergic to other types of pets.

5. Rabbits

Bunnies make for excellent pets mainly due to their loving and social nature. 

They don’t just love to spend time with humans; they require it. And just like humans, rabbits, too, can get lonely and even become depressed. Toys don’t do much for them since they still need your attention. 

Luckily, rabbits also enjoy the company of other rabbits. So instead of having one, you could consider keeping a few, especially if you are not always available to play with your rabbit.

Most Popular Pets in America
Rabbits of the White Giant breed favored in our Most Popular Pets in America.

But a rabbit is not the kind of pet that will enjoy a cuddle in your arms. Simply picking them from the floor can be traumatizing for a rabbit. So, how do you bond with your bunny anyway? While your bun is out playing, pet him as he sits on the floor. Slowly, he will feel safe around you.

It’s advisable to acquire pet rabbits when your kids are older and play safely with these somewhat fragile pets

Generally, rabbits are considered clean pets, easy to maintain, playful, and litter-trainable.

6. Poultry

More Americans today are enjoying raising and caring for poultry. That is fun and educational for most people, but they also get to enjoy the fresh eggs from their chicken, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, or turkeys.

Unlike most other pets that thrive indoors, poultry like chicken thrives in a more natural environment — outside where they can access sunlight to make good eggs and forage the yard for delicious snacks. It’s natural for them.

CDC, however, has raised concern over the high possibility of germ transfer from poultry to humans, causing minor skin infections or fatal ones. That is just one more reason your poultry needs to stay outside your home. CDC recommends hand washing every time after handling them.

7. Hamsters

They are so cute with toddlers that it is not surprMost Popular Pets in America the Most Popular American Pet Animals. You have seen these little animals busy spinning wheels in most children’s bedrooms. Why not get one for your child too?

What you need to know, though, is that:

  • Hamsters don’t enjoy confinement. If you have to keep them in one, ensure enough space for them to explore. Otherwise, you will end up with a stressed pet with behavioral issues.
  • The ability of hamsters to flatten their bodies and fit into tiny openings means they can easily get lost or expose themselves to dangerous situations. To protect them, ensure cages do not have wide spaces depending on the size of the hamster.
  • Being an exotic animal, maintaining a hamster can be expensive. Finding an appropriate vet can also be complicated or take too long.
  • Get toys, and a hamster wheel specifically made for your animal in mind to keep him happy and healthy and avoid accidents.
  • Hamsters are territorial and enjoy their own company. Don’t keep two hamsters in one place. Instead of getting an additional hamster, make more time to bond with the one you have, ideally outside its cage.

8. Guinea Pigs

These are social animals who enjoy the company of other guinea pigs. They are also the kind of pets who thrive in space — the more, the merrier.

A guinea pig is a little noisy, especially when seeking your attention or craving his favorite snack. If noise is something you would rather avoid, then skip this one.

If you acquire a guinea pig that’s not already tamed, consistent gentle handling will have it tamed in no time.

9. Ferrets

Ferrets are cuddly, intelligent, and social animals. 

However, they are not legal in some states, and therefore, you need to get updated information on the same from your local government before committing. They are also considered high-maintenance pets.

Ferrets are not a good recommendation for kids because they can bite when startled. 

If you are not always available to play with your ferret, get another one since they enjoy living in groups.

Important to note is that ferrets have a characteristic smell that you might not like. The scent may irritate other prey species pets in the house like rabbits. Ideally, keep ferrets separate from other pets.

10. Turtles

If you go for turtles, then this will be a lifelong relationship. Turtles, just like tortoises, live for decades.

Turtles may seem like low-maintenance pets, but they require specific conditions like the proper lighting, temperature, and a robust water filtration system to thrive. Since turtles basically “live in their bathrooms,” frequent water change is necessary.

If you can’t keep up with the demands of a turtle, you could opt for a tortoise which will demand less maintenance.

Some states will require you to have a permit to keep a turtle, so before committing to one, confirm with your local laws.

11. Reptiles

Geckos, chameleons, lizards, snakes, you name it, reptiles have become common household pets in America. 

Reptiles are intelligent creatures who are also fun to watch and bond with.

Reptiles are quiet animals that are also easy to maintain. You may require a license to keep these animals, and you need to confirm with your local laws first.

Your scaly pets will require you to provide them with fresh water and proper food. The water also needs to be changed at least twice every week.

The housing structure should be heat and moisture-proof and checked for any openings the animal could escape through.

Remember, different reptiles will require different kinds of an environment depending on the species. Temperature controls should also be in place since their bodies naturally don’t.

12. Horses

Every child wants a pony, and it’s time to get one for yours.

A horse is the kind of pet that will keep your lifestyle active. But horses are considered high maintenance. Before you settle on a horse, can you afford it?

Before committing to owning a horse, make sure you are capable of providing it with:

  • Suitable feed and in the correct amounts
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Company
  • Healthcare
  • Space and exercise

Final Thoughts on the Most Popular Pets in America

If Covid 19 pandemic has left you struggling to adapt to your post-pandemic working environment within the confines of your house or the loneliness of spending days away from family and friends, acquiring a pet will make your journey easier and fun.

Looking at the bright side of the whole covid situation, now you can find some extra time and put it to good use by caring and looking after a pet.

But before you pick a pet, this article will help you find one that’s a purr-fect fit for your family, lifestyle as well as your pocket.

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