Looking For a Dog Breeder? 12 Foolproof Ways to Identify a Good One

foolproof ways identify good one

So you are about to become a dog parent? 12 foolproof ways identify good one. Your journey can start in either of these three ways: You can adopt a dog You can rescue a dog You can purchase a dog Adopting or rescuing a dog is so adorable and humane; you get to give a […]

Frontline Flea Treatments: What Every Dog Parent Should Know 

As a dog owner, protection and well-being of your furry friend are always a priority. Flea Treatments Every Dog Parent Should Know. As a dog owner, protection and well-being of your furry friend are always a priority. After all, a happy pet makes a happy owner. Effective pest control is one sure way of ensuring […]

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight and Reach an Ideal BMI in 5 Easy Ways

how help dog lose weight

Like any other dog parent, you desire a healthy and happy dog. How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight and Reach an Ideal BMI in 5 Easy Ways. Whenever your furry friend falls ill, your vet will work his magic and nurse your their back to health.  That, however, does not mean that your dog is […]

Carbohydrates for Your Dog? 3 Key Things Every Dog Parent Should Know

When you start your dog parent-hood journey, gain an additional member of your family. This is Key Things Every Dog Parent Should Know. But unlike the rest of you, this new family member is a carnivore. So, you will often catch yourself wondering what the right food to give your pup is.  Here is why that […]

How to Deal with Your Dog’s Loss of Appetite: A vet’s Perspective

When your dog suddenly develops a loss of appetite, you can be stressed since it’s difficult to point out what the issue might be. Reasons vary that can cause the problem. It’s vital to find out and give a better timely treatment quickly. Monitor their eating pattern. If it has dropped, take action; however, if […]

8 Most Necessary Basic Care Tips for Your Cat and Dog

Dogs have been known to be man’s best friend for centuries and cats come at a close second, all for  the pure joy these animals have brought into our lives. Tell you Basic Care Tips for Your Cat and Dog. But this joy comes with an equal amount of responsibilities and any dog parent will […]

7 Home Remedies to Help Your Dog Recover from Constipation Quickly

Dog Constipation

Have you noticed a change in your dog’s poop routine lately? Straining during poop time? That unproductive telltale squat? Endless circling? Or worse, blood on your dog’s poop? I have some bad news for you. You are dealing with a case of dog constipation. But don’t freak out yet.  Dog constipation is quite common, especially in […]

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed (and Why It’s Important for Your Dog)

Dog Bed

A good night’s sleep is essential in improving your dog’s memory and boosting his(her) brain development and learning capacity.  And that’s particularly important for all the dog training you do. It also helps to strengthen your dog’s immunity.  But unlike you, who is good to go with 7-9 hours of rest, your dog requires 12-18 […]

Holistic Pet Care – What It Means and Why it’s Good for Your Dog

Has your furry friend been unwell lately? Taking ypur pet to the vet is not the same as Holistic Pet Care. Are you tired of the back and forth trips to your vet’s that are now clearly becoming futile?  Maybe it’s time to try something that actually works;  holistic pet care. Over time, the world […]