Looking For a Dog Breeder? 12 Foolproof Ways to Identify a Good One

foolproof ways identify good one

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So you are about to become a dog parent? 12 foolproof ways identify good one. Your journey can start in either of these three ways:

  1. You can adopt a dog
  2. You can rescue a dog
  3. You can purchase a dog

Adopting or rescuing a dog is so adorable and humane; you get to give a home to one destitute pup out there. Purchasing one does not make you less of a good dog parent. 

But when you decide to purchase a purebred dog, it’s not as easy as picking something from the convenience store. There’s more than meets the eye. 

You must first find a good dog breeder because finding a good one is equivalent to finding a good dog. Like any other dog owner, you want to parent a good dog.

So, what makes a dog breeder credible?

A good dog breeder has you and your dog’s (to be) best interest at heart.

To find one, you need good referrals.

Where Can You Find Referrals to a Good Dog Breeder?

You probably think finding a referral to a good dog breeder is a complex task, and it can be if you don’t know where to look. 

But it’s as easy as looking around you. 

Where exactly?

  • Ask your vet to refer you to a good one. Your vet interacts with many dogs and is better positioned to give you a credible reference.
  • Remember that friend of yours with an adorable pup that you absolutely love? Ask him to refer you to his breeder.
  • Good dog breeders will have people speaking good things about them. You can ask around to find one.
  • Are there dog shows in your area? Those can be a good source of information. If not, go online and look for local breed clubs with good reviews.

Now that you have collected some referrals, you still need to do your diligence. Visit them and pay attention to:

  • Where the dogs were born and raised
  • The breeder’s willingness to show you around

How to Know a Good Breeder

foolproof ways identify good one
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Here is how to know that a potential breeder is a perfect fit for you and your future pooch:

  1. A good breeder should maintain general cleanliness and adequate space for the dogs. The pups and their parents should be kept in clean, odorless kennels with sufficient space for exercise. But they should not spend all their time caged up.
  1. A responsible breeder should observe quality over quantity. Such a breeder will be more concerned about the pups’ well-being over producing a high number of them than he can manage. He will encourage you to spend quality time with your (to be) pup’s parents and observe their demeanor which should be friendly and social because they have been bred on love and care.
  1. You want to get your dog from a breeder knowledgeable about his dog breeds. That means he will be able to give you any information you may need to know about the potential of your dog to be. As a dog parent, you may want to know his potential size, the amount of exercise they will require, or any special needs to prepare or make a decision.
  1. Check that the breeder keeps tabs on his pups’ immunization, parasite control, and health in general and has a credible vet on his speed dial for the same reason. Such a breeder will provide you with the necessary medical record for the specific pup you choose to go home with.
  1. A good dog breeder takes genetic predisposition into account during mating to reduce the chances of passing on inherited problems. That’s the kind of breeder you should settle on. You can tell this from the documents proving screening of his pups’ parents for any hereditary issues.
  1. Apart from word-of-mouth references and good online reviews, are there dog parents who got their dog from this potential breeder that can give you more information if you need it? That shows credibility.
  2. If your potential breeder is asking questions and wants to know you more, that’s a good sign. A good breeder will be interested in the well-being of his pup even when they leaves his home. He will be interested in knowing whether you have what it takes to care for your pup to be.
  1. Good breeders don’t sell their puppies to pet stores or over the internet but to trusted potential dog parents.
  1. Find out if your potential breeder is willing to take back your pup if you can no longer keep their in the future. A good breeder will even request it before you ask.
  1. At purchase, the breeder should provide you with documents showing the dog’s lineage to prove that it’s purebred as well as registration papers in your name.
  1. A good breeder will provide a guarantee of health in writing so that you have time for your vet to check on the pup and confirm the same. That means that if your vet finds out that the dog is not in good health, the breeder will take their back and give a full refund.

Final Thoughts

When starting your dog parenthood journey, it’s good to consider the many homeless dogs in shelters. You can still find a purebred pup that has been put up for adoption.

But if you are skeptical and would rather have one with all the documentation proving their family lineage, then don’t just jump in.  That adorable pup you see through the window may not be so cute once you bring their home. 

Take your time to find a credible breeder with whom you will get what you see.

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