How to Clean Up After Your Dog: The 8-Strategy Definitive Guide

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It’s always glamorous when it comes to dog parenting until you flip the coin.

Behind the scenes, life with dogs can get messy and we are not talking about excessive barking. But having a four-legged friend is no reason to have a stinking house. It is inevitable you will need to Clean Up After Your Dog. If you don’t want to find a please clean up after your dog sign in your house it is imperative you know this list.

Here’s how to handle your cleaning business like a pro when you have to do it after your four-legged friend: 

1. Clean Up After Your Dog and Stinking Furniture

Do you allow your pooch to sit on your couch?

But it doesn’t matter if you do since he/she will sit anyway (most dogs do).

If you don’t give your pup coach privileges, a high chance, it’s because apart from shedding their fur, they will leave your seat with a characteristic smell you would rather not have in your house.

But, oh well.

You can’t get rid of your furry friend because, first, you can’t resist those adorable selfies of you two snuggling on the couch (or bed). 

Luckily, you can clean up and get rid of the smell (sort of).

What should you do to get rid of the hound smell off your couch?

  1. Sprinkle baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) all around the seats and allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes
  2. Vacuum your seat
  3. If the odor doesn’t go away, add a little vinegar magic. Dilute vinegar with some water and add some baking powder. Mix in a spray bottle and spray your couch.

2. Pee Stain

When it comes to pee stain, the sooner you get to it, the better.

When you do, here is how to clean it:

  • Using a sponge or paper towel, blot up everything you can
  • Sprinkle baking powder on the pee spot
  • Let it sit overnight 
  • Vacuum
  • Mix 1 cup distilled white vinegar with 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons baking powder for a quicker solution. Shake and spray on the spot. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and blot it.

3. Shedding Messes

Are you getting sick of all the pet hair in your house? You are not alone.

To minimize dealing with pet hairs:

  • Make it a habit to brush and comb your pup’s hair to minimize shedding
  • Cover your furniture with a fabric that’s easy to clean

To get rid of hair on furniture and carpet;

  • vacuum and brush regularly
  • Use lint rollers to remove dog hair quickly and easily

4. Cleaning your pup between baths

Dogs don’t need a bath. If you are going to bathe your dog, you will be doing it for yourself and not for the dog. Bathing your dog frequently is not necessary and will strip away essential oils from the canine’s skin, causing it to become dry.

But dogs will always be dogs, and what they do best is get into messes. If you really want to clean up after your Dog looking at wipes and other between bath solutions is essential.

Instead of bathing him/her every other time, do this:

  • Brush your dog to remove dirt and debris and to keep him looking tidy
  • Use doggy wipes to wipe down your dog
  • Use waterless dog shampoo by spraying the dog, rubbing it in, and then brushing through. Here you can try lemon water spritz, coconut oil, or baking soda in place of shampoo — whatever works best for you and your furry friend.

5. Hidden Smells

Hidden dog smells can be a pain in the nose. Sadly, they are also hard to trace. 

An air purifier will help reduce odors. Premium models of air purifiers will go further to filter dirt and kill any microorganisms in the air.

You can also introduce pet-friendly air fresheners and scented candles to disguise hidden smells. Additionally, air out the rooms and keep floors, carpets, and upholstery clean.

Clean Up After Your Dog
Muddy paws are a common issue when cleaning after your dog

6. Muddy Paws

Whether it rains or shines, dogs have to get out there to exercise or just to catch some fresh air. 

When they get back home, cleaning their paws is vital to protect your floor and catch any paw-related problems that could be developing.

To clean your pup’s paws effectively:

  • Use a small towel soaked in warm water or pet-safe wipes to clean dusty paws
  • For extra-dirty paws, use a washcloth and dog shampoo to give the dog a thorough paw-wipe
  • For mud, tar, and other sticky substances, wash the dog’s feet with lukewarm water using a sprayer and dog shampoo. Please pay attention to the spaces between paw pads and finish off by drying the feet with a clean, dry towel.

7. Litter spills

A dog’s litter spills can be zoonotic. That means they can cause diseases in people. This is a huge part of our advice on how to clean up after your dog.

So, when cleaning litter spills: 

  • wear protective gloves
  • Use a dry sponge or paper towel to soak up the urine
  • Use a poo bag or paper towel to pick the dog poop 
  • Scrub the area with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Use an enzymatic cleaner or bio-based product to neutralize the pee/poo odor. If you skip this part, be sure that your dog will be back to do the same thing at the same spot.

8. Chewed up messes

Dogs naturally love to chew. If you don’t provide an alternative for them, they will chew on your furniture. Chew toys are a good alternative.

Some toys like chew bones, however, will leave behind stains.

What can you do?

You can confine chew toys to a place in your house away from any fabric.

Dog proofing can also help keep your dog away from fabrics.

How to Clean Up After Your Dog: Wrapping up the 8-Strategy Definitive Guide

Let’s just agree that dogs are a hot mess.

You love your pup, and you can’t imagine being without him/her. But they can be toilsome.

With a dog in your home, cleaning will require a little more effort than you would otherwise have to put in. It can be hard to figure out what is right and what is wrong when it comes to cleaning after them.

But not after reading this article.

This article will give you a clear guide on how to keep your house sparkling and point you to products and techniques to help you do just that. 

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