5 Must-have Dog Toys and Tips to Choose the Safest Ones For Your Dog

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Toys serve as a form of entertainment for your pup. Toys and Tips to Choose the Safest Ones For Your Dog. They are not a luxury.

Toys serve as a form of entertainment for your pup and a source of comfort whenever your canine buddy feels nervous. They are also pet-favorite because most dogs love fetching, romping, and chomping. 

But which toys are suitable for your pup?

With so many options to choose from, getting the perfect one can be a daunting task for any dog parent.

But it’s easy as long as you focus on these three things:

  1.  Your dog’s safety, 
  2. The durability of toys, and 
  3. The dog; size, activity level, and preference

Will your pet enjoy playing with the toy? 

Here is a little help to make the right decision on the four must-have toys for your pup and how to get the right one.

  1. The Ball

A ball is any dog’s favorite. That’s because playing fetch excites them. However, the size of the ball should be a perfect fit for your dog. 

What should you consider as the correct ball size for your furry friend?

As a rule of thumb, always choose a ball that’s small enough for your pup to carry in thier mouth but large enough not to fit in their mouth. That will eliminate the risk of your furry buddy choking on the ball.

But the ideal size of a ball toy for your pup will change as they grows, so remember to change it regularly.

There are various like the tennis or rubber ball, light flashing balls, and the glow in the dark.  Indulge and settle on the best one for your pet, considering their preference.

Tennis balls are fantastic fetching toys for dogs, but they don’t hold up well to chewing. Tennis balls that have been eaten through should be discarded because they can cause choking in your pet.

Ensure no strings or ribbons are attached to the ball since they can cause strangulation. 

The choice of material of the ball should be safe as the dog can easily chew and swallow the pieces causing choking or poisoning.

  1. The Fetch Toys

Dogs love playing fetch with discs and other retrieval toys made of plastic, rubber, or rope. The options of determining the speed and directions for the disc provide a variety that the dogs enjoy. 

Other retrievers like hurley provide versatility since its uniquely shaped, making playing fetch fun and enjoyable. The beauty of fetch is you playing it together with your dog; you kill two birds with one stone. You both keep fit and have fun at the same time.

  1. The Rope Toys
Tips Choose Safest Ones For Your Dog
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Rope toys are another good choice and come with several benefits. They can be braided, made of rubber or plastic. You can use them for tug of war, which is a fun game for both you and your pup. The dog can fetch, or chew on them. Most dogs love rope toys, but there are those who don’t fancy them.

The rope toy can help with the dog’s dental hygiene.  So, occasionally allow your dog to chew on the rope while monitoring their. Chewing will give a brushing effect and help keep your dog’s teeth clean. It also slows down tartar build-up.

  1. The Mushy and Soft toys

Dogs love comfort; plush toys carry and swing them around. 

The stuffed ones will provide that prey-feeling meaning your dog can tear them apart. That will offer their the satisfaction of achievement. Your pup will express victory by carrying and shaking the bag around like a badge of honor.

While the dogs may have fun playing, staying close is essential to prevent accidents like swallowing the squeakers and stuffing. 

Plush toys should be durable and chewable, to provide maximum fun for your furry pal. The joy, however, comes with lots of work, as you will have to clean up the messy aftermath.

  1. Treat Toys and Puzzles

If you are looking for ways to keep your smart dog challenged and reward their at the same time, then treat toys and puzzles will fit you perfectly. Here you can express your creativity and keep dog boredom at bay without your physical presence.

But, there is a twist.

If the toy is not big enough, your pup can swallow it and risk chocking. So, find one that is appropriate size for your dog. 

 Also consider the durability of the toy especially if your dog is a strong chewer.

If your dog is flat-faced or a puppy, smaller and softer toys will be more appropriate.

Final Thoughts

Make it a routine to switch up your dog’s toys weekly. The diversity will make playing times fun and exciting. Avail their favorite toy in the open that they can access without your help.

Toys that provide the dog with various fun activities are the best. The rolling, fetching, hide and seek games are always attractive choices. These games are interactive, which is essential for the dogs who need the owner’s active involvement.

Toys play a huge role in the dog’s life. Just like humans, lack of play causes grumpiness

But as important as it is for your pup is able to derive optimal fun from the choice of toys you bring home, it’s vital that  they is safe playing with them. 

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